Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The interface will be a pair of interactive gloves and the idea is to take the command/instruction from my hand's action and carry out relevant activity on screen.

The idea for the visual output is to make fast food such as Mc Donal, Burger King etc look disgusting, so to encourage people not to take too much of these unhealthy food.

General concept
The visual will be composed of several clips of close up shots of people eating food in a disgusting way. These clips will change among each other depending on which button i press on my interactive glove. The clip that i pull up will initially pauses, and when i do some hand actions it will starts playing the clip. For example if i pull up a clip of a person eating a burger, when i do a "eating burger" hand action, the person on screen will starts to eat the burger as well. Besides this interaction, the glove can control other elements of the video as well, such as color, cross fading etc.

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