Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Project 2 - Concept

The objective of this project is to create a performance based digital media experience using a new form of interface. My general concept for this project is to create an interface that mix and shuffles the audio and visual upon the "play" of fingers.


For the visual display, its gonna be composed using footages of bedrooms. The footages will be of clips taken from rooms with the same size but different in layout and decorations, and in each room carry out different activities. For example one clip might be of a clean and tidy room, when wind breeze into the room it flips the pages of the book on the table. Another clip might be of a dirty and messy room with dull lightings. Through the interaction with its interface, these clips can use to express different emotions.


The interface will be a pair of glove with force pad attached to each finger tips. Each force pad is a control to one element of the video, could be color, speed, clip selection etc. Depending on my actions and how I play around with my hands and fingers, it mix and shuffle up the different elements of the video. For example if I claps my hand gently it shows the clean room with peaceful atmosphere, and when I starts to claps vigorously, it fades into the clip of the messy room and camera might started to shake and other effect started to show up. In such a way I am composing a video that records and express my emotions at that moment of time.

Overall, my project aims to demonstrate the emotions of my actions and behavior through architecture.

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