Thursday, July 24, 2008

modified concept

I see that this story talks about balance and equality, and so I'll be including these value in my re-tell of this story.

Switch Design

So in my switch design, it is basically a metal ball inside a transparent container, and this switch plays on the whole concept of balance. The idea is to try to apply equal amount of pressure on both side to get the ball to balance at the center of the container. Once the metal ball is at the center, it closes the circuit, and the switch is then switch on.

Screen Design

I have a short video here showing the intended visual outputs, and how the switch controls/ work with the visual. So the lower part shows the movement of the switch, and the upper part shows the visual respond accordingly. On both side is graphical image representing home and workforce. When the switch is on, the year begin to counts and there are small icons that represents woman going from home to workforce, suggesting that more women come out from home and step into the working field.

Once the ball is off center, it pauses the whole thing. And when it comes back to the center, the visual display will continues from where it left off.

When the year count reaches year like 1939, 1960, 1972, which has specific event occurs on that particular year, it will zooms in, to show images, text or video on the story happened. When it finished, it will just zoom back out, and continue to count the year until the next one.

Space Set-up

It's gonna have a screen on the wall, and the switch is right infront of the screen, a distance away, and hanging down from the ceiling to about waist level of an adult.

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